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Mental Health Counseling

An estimated 15 million of our nation's young people can currently be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Healing Center for Behavioral Therapy have counselors ready to help your child today.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help people be as independent and successful in their daily lives as possible. Contact Healing Center for Behavioral Therapy to learn more.

ABA Therapy

The Healing Center offers ABA programs for in the home, in our clinic, at school or day care facilities, and in and around the community as needed to foster appropriate functional skills.

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Community Setting ABA

The Healing Centers Social Clubs in Orland Park and New Lenox offer a variety of community based recreational and adventure opportunities for kids and teens to build friendships, have fun, and generalize the skills they have learned in different environments. Our Social Skills Groups offer a non-threatening, small group environment where fun and excitement dictate everything kids do! Under the steady guidance of our experienced yet youthful Interventionists, participants hone their social skills and have the opportunity to forge friendships with other participants in our program.

Social Skills Group Therapy

At the Healing Center, our Orland Park and New Lenox Social Clubs take a child’s skills to the next level. Transferring skills to a community setting provides natural learning opportunities that a clinic could not provide. Our goal is to expand on the child’s target social skills by increasing exposure in new and exciting social environments around the community. The Healing Center offers a social skills/generalization program that occur every weekend. The social skills/generalization groups are divided into age levels of 0-2 years of age, 3-6 years of age, 7-12 years of age, and 13-16 years of age and we have separate adult programs as well. All our social clubs in Orland Park and New Lenox are innovatively structured to make sure each child is placed in an environment, with the proper support, to make sure he or she has a positive experience and gains important skills and confidence to become more socially independent.

Peer to Peer Outings

The Healing Center also offers Peer-to-Peer outings in the community. Our Peer to Peer program allows a child or teen to work
one-on-one with someone they can relate to – whether that be another child receiving ABA Therapy, a friend from school, or a sibling – under the guidance of our experienced Interventionists while out in the community. The Peer-to-Peer program operates similarly to a positive role model, but also works to encourage appropriate social skills, and any other challenges the participant may have. Through these structured but natural social skills therapy sessions, children get to practice their friendship skills, but receive support when needed. A unique and flexible combination of structure, target goals, and natural peer interaction help create an environment that allows social skills to flourish! Our Community Setting ABA Therapy can take place in a variety of unique environments, including local parks, playgrounds, or sports fields.


The success of the Healing Center’s Community Setting ABA Therapy relies heavily on accurate data collection, structured goals, and continuous monitoring of progress. Our interventionists are trained to accurately track and monitor behaviors to ensure the child’s treatment is always following the designated treatment goals. Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), and Picture-Exchange Communication System are just a few tools our interventionists use to successfully modify behaviors in social settings. Data from each of these peer-to-peer outings in the community is then analyzed, focusing on percent accuracy completed per program, increasing and decreasing percentage trends of programs, and prompt levels required to achieve mastery criterion per program.



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