Occupational Therapy

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Mental Health Counseling

An estimated 15 million of our nation's young people can currently be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Healing Center for Behavioral Therapy have counselors ready to help your child today.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help people be as independent and successful in their daily lives as possible. Contact Healing Center for Behavioral Therapy to learn more.

ABA Therapy

The Healing Center offers ABA programs for in the home, in our clinic, at school or day care facilities, and in and around the community as needed to foster appropriate functional skills.

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Occupational Therapy

1. What is occupational therapy? 

    1. Occupational therapists help people be as independent and successful in their daily lives as possible.  OT's work by conducting "evaluations" to figure out what the barriers (sensory, visual, cognitive, social, emotional, etc.) are to the client’s participation in their daily activities (called "occupations"). They also work to identify any characteristics in the persons' environment/context that may have an impact on their daily functioning. Once this evaluation has been completed, the OT will development a plan of care to support the clients increased successful participation in any of the identified areas of dysfunction in their daily lives (self-care, school, play, work, chores, etc.) and improve the clients overall quality of life and well-being!

  1. What diagnosis or treatments we offer. 

    1. Foundational skills we provide services for (include, but not limited to): self-regulation, information processing skills, fine and gross motor skills, visual motor and visual perceptual skills, sensory processing dysfunction, self-care skills, social skills, attention, etc. 

    2. Our staff has experience with the following techniques or modalities: Sensory integration/Sensory Modulation, DIR Floortime, assistive technology, ALERT program, Zones of Regulation, yoga, Astronaut Training Program (sound-activated visual-vestibular protocol), etc.

    3. What standardized assessment tools do we utilize? Sensory Profile, Sensory Modulation Checklist, Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency (2nd Ed.), Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration (6th Ed.), Functional Emotional Assessment, Canadian Occupational Performance Measure, Short Child Occupational Profile, etc. 

  2. What to expect first time visit? 

    1. Before the client attends the first session, the parent or guardian must have a physician referral. Once this is received, the client can be seen for a first session, or “evaluation.” Before attending this session, the parent or caregiver is required to fill out the necessary paperwork, which includes a very thorough look at the client’s daily functioning. This provides the OT with the necessary details to complete their evaluation and prepare their report. On the first visit, the OT will complete an evaluation with the client. After this session has concluded, the OT will work to prepare a report and develop a plan of care with the youth and their family to target the goals of the client.

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